Offers policy and verified products

Do you know when a product appears with a sweeping price on the competitor? Ticketbras humbly recommends it to our customers. Let’s tell how we do it;

Electronics are generally cheaper depending on the time of year, dollar value, or factors such as manufacturing location and whether it’s a new or discontinued model. These variations almost always arrive first on specialized websites or in large online retail chains.

We are often not able to keep up with such variations with our own products; That’s why we created an algorithm that points to partners that are priced substantially better than ours.

Every time you see the “Buy at…” button it means we have found a better price, on a verified product, from a reliable seller. All this together.

Remember to always check the date the price was last updated, often these promotions are short-lived and we cannot guarantee they will be available when you access them.

The ideal is to enter Ticketbras whenever you want to find out if there is a better price in the competition, after all, every time we recommend it, we have already checked various factors, such as safety, price, delivery time, product quality…

Now you know. =)